Dr Raj Reddy is a leading Australian neurosurgeon who specialises in brain surgery and spine surgery in adults and children.

Neurosurgical expertise

Committed to providing world-class surgical care for a range of brain and spine conditions.

Dr Reddy is a Sydney-based neurosurgeon who treats and manages a variety of neurological conditions. His special interests include minimally invasive and complex spine surgery, brain tumour surgery, craniofacial surgery and paediatric neurosurgery.

Blog & Research

Explore Dr Reddy's blog to uncover insights on brain and spine health and the world of neurosurgery. Find comprehensive information and guidance empowering informed healthcare decisions, alongside in-depth neurosurgical research.

Discover more about awake brain surgery or brain surgery performed on a patient who is awake.

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Many people have low back pain at some point in their life. Learn more about the symptoms and how to recover.

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Read on for information about neck pain, including the symptoms, management and treatment.

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