Neurosurgical Conditions

What are neurosurgical conditions?

Neurosurgical or neurological conditions are medical conditions that affect your central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.

Your central nervous system consists of your brain, spinal cord and surrounding structures. A range of medical conditions can affect the central nervous system.

Neurological or neurosurgical conditions of the brain and surrounding anatomy include:

Neurological or neurosurgical conditions of the spinal cord and surrounding anatomy include:

The peripheral nervous system – consisting of nerves that carry information to and from your central nervous system to help your body operate – can also experience complications.

Common medical conditions that impact the peripheral nerves include:

If someone is diagnosed with any of these neurological conditions, a neurosurgeon can advise non-surgical treatment, neurosurgery or both – depending on how the condition presents in each individual.

If you would like a consultation with Dr Raj Reddy and his team, make sure your GP provides you with a referral before you book an appointment. Your GP may send you for medical tests and imaging such as x-rays and scans. You will need to bring these with you to your appointment.

How to prepare for your neurosurgical consultation.