Neurosurgical conditions

Neurosurgical conditions are medical conditions that affect the body’s central and peripheral nervous systems. Your central nervous system consists of your brain and spinal cord. Your peripheral nervous system is made up of nerves.

The brain and spinal cord.

Conditions of the brain and its surrounding anatomy include:

Conditions of the spinal cord and its surrounding anatomy include:

Peripheral nerve conditions include:

What do neurosurgeons do?

Neurosurgeons are doctors who diagnose, prevent, treat and manage medical conditions that affect the brain, spine and nervous system. They also treat and manage conditions that affect the surrounding structures.

A neurosurgeon may recommend nonsurgical treatment, neurosurgery or both to manage conditions that affect the brain, spine and nerves, and surrounding anatomy. However, this depends on what’s best for the person. Neurosurgeons can also help people to recover after surgery.Peripheral nerve conditions include ulnar nerve compression or entrapment.

If you would like an appointment with Dr Raj Reddy, make sure your general practitioner (GP) refers you to him first. Your GP may send you for medical tests and imaging such as x-rays and scans. Bring these with you to your appointment

How to prepare for your neurosurgical appointment.


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