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Dr Raj Reddy | Brain Surgeon and Spine Surgeon | Neurosurgery | Sydney
Your appointment

When you make your appointment with Dr Raj Reddy, please email or fax your GP or other referring doctor’s referral letter, and your medical scans and reports, to Dr Reddy’s office. This will help ensure you can make the earliest possible appointment.

Once your appointment is booked, please arrive about 10 minutes beforehand to complete patient forms, including a registration and a privacy policy form.

During your appointment, Dr Reddy will ask for your medical history and symptoms, explain your scans and reports and, if needed, do a physical examination. He will then provide you with a diagnosis and a treatment plan. You may wish to bring someone you trust to help you remember your medical information, Dr Reddy’s advice and any questions you may have.

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Cost of Dr Reddy’s neurosurgical service

Dr Reddy’s team will discuss the cost of his service with you. A neurosurgical service encompasses:

  • consultations and examinations
  • tests and scans
  • surgery
  • medications

The final cost depends on factors such as the service recommended for you and your level of private health insurance.

You will need to give your informed financial consent before surgery to make sure you understand and agree to the cost. Dr Reddy’s team will give you an informed financial consent form to complete and sign before treatment.

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