Neurosurgical Procedures

Brain Surgery

What is brain surgery?

Brain surgery involves a variety of surgical procedures that treat complications affecting the brain and its associated structures.

Conditions concerning the brain and its surrounding forms which may require surgery include:

What are different types of brain surgery?

Brain surgery and craniofacial operations include:

What does an operation involve?

Symptoms, causes and the nature of conditions affecting your body can be very diverse so a neurosurgeon must adapt a surgical procedure to each person’s specific needs.

They can either perform a traditional surgery or use minimally invasive techniques.

Minimally invasive techniques generally begin with the surgeon performing a fine incision then conducting surgery with special microsurgical instruments. This can shorten the time it takes to recover from the operation and can reduce the risk of complications. However, it is not suitable for every operation.

A speech therapist or occupational therapist may advise exercises to help the heal processing. Sometimes a medical team will tailor a rehabilitation program for to help a patient return to strength and uphold their quality of life.

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